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Sollux is all of us.

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I’ve already got a family.

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remind your friends that you love them, cause when they leave all you’ll be able to think about is all the times when you could’ve told them but didn’t

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If only I was given a dollar for every time I made myself look stupid in front of a cute person

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Tagged by sarhamanninq Fun fact: the earth is in fact flat, and we can fall off the end of it.

name: Connor
url: salladhor-saan
tumblr title: Hello There
gender: male
height: 5’10 and one inch taller than Rachel

favorite number: 8 because Vriska is bae
favorite color: Brown

sexuality: straight-ish
time zone: Eastern Seaboard yo
the average number of hours of sleep i get at night: round about 5 ish
the last thing i googled was: where my house was from where I am because I got lost
my most used phrase(s): Hella, Whoops, it’s all good, I’m too socially awkward for this, <puns for days>.
if i can run a marathon or marathon netflix i choose: bruh
the first word that comes to mind: Ecuador (There is a poster that says Ecuador on my wall)

if i can have pancakes or waffles, i’m picking: pancakes
favorite fruit: Watermelon
buffalo or bbq: bbq
my pizza toppings are: Bacon and pepperoni and pretty much every meat ever because I am fat
favorite video game: Skyrim
most hated tv show: Toddlers in Tiaras, that show ruined my life I cannot look at children the same again
a tv show you miss: OB forever
if i was a pokemon, i would be: Ditto then I can be whatever I want to be
the last thing i said to a family member: "No I did not eat the cake in the fridge"
one place that makes me happy, and why: My room because isolation
my patronus is: a dog <probably a pug>
the number of blankets i sleep under:1 giant massive winter blanket
favorite beverage(s): coffee
favorite webcomic: homestuck because of Rachel
favorite comic: Hellboy/Spawn
favorite manga: FMA
favorite anime: SAO
favorite cartoon: ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!
the toilet paper roll should go: as long as i have TP life is good
peeing in the shower is: what people actually do this :0
two celebrity crushes: Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Dormer (me and Rachel mutually fangirl)
two fictional crushes: Vriska and Sansa Stark
a tv show more people should watch: Firefly if you haven’t already
the last movie i watched in a cinema: Gotg with the fam
a piece of advice to all of my followers: Don’t wait till your crush is about to move to tell them you like them, don’t be a jerk to others they could have it rough.
favorite band(s): Queen, and Train
a band i would wipe from the face of the earth: um everyone has there own thing so I tend not to hate musicians that much.

you all have to listen to this song: Bohemian Rhapsody is life
a song that speaks to me: Rhythm of Love by Plain White T’s
something you love but are constantly disappointed by: My social life
preferred nosepicking finger: pinky for the classy nosepicker
my most desired bobble head: Wash from Firefly

idk who to nominate i know like 3 people on this website and 2 were already nominated um i guess: http://stephencarlsburg.tumblr.com/



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what do you mean you don’t have a facebook, how am i supposed to be your friend: a novel by me

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im a really affectionate person once you get past my 5 layers of shyness, awkwardness, fear, vague dislike, and loneliness

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hey guys its fall u know what that means

only gotta shave when ur gonna get laid



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Doing theatre is stressful, but theatre stress is a different kind of stress. Theatre stress is stress that I want; stress that I crave. I thrive off of it. Theatre dress is good stress, because theatre is my passion.

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what i want from cap 3 is sam and steve busting their asses going across the world looking for bucky and endangering their lives every 20 minutes and it cuts to bucky who is still safely in new york eating frozen yogurt

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“We follow the comet,” Dany told her khalasar. Once it was said, no word was raised against it. They had been Drogo’s people, but they were hers now. The Unburnt, they called her, and Mother of Dragons. Her word was their law.

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Final Fantasy stuck for mechadragon

Mutual followers requests only~

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